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Mostly vinyl records, but also CD's, and of course - " audiophile" recordings.

In our music reviews we hope to give you insight into those select few recordings which offer more value than average in one respect or another. Our mission is to really expose not just works which the performance it self is top notch, but those which also have outstanding sound quality. The term "audiophile" is often a little vague for those not exposed to a high performance audio system, or to other "audiophile's". All the term really means, is someone who really gets into the quality of sound, or in the case of an object, one which excels in sound quality. There are recording labels that specialize in "audiophile" recordings, and these are usually better than the standard edition. But ironically, some labels recording processes, or engineers, or studios, or a combination there of, have produced seemingly ordinary caliber recordings, but which the sound quality manage to achieve this sonic distinction. Some refer to vinyl records of this distinction as "hot stampers". Regardless of the names, we want to bring you a list of recordings which meet these criteria, which are far "above the average" and truly worth owning.

I don’t know about you, but as someone who’s really into music, I like a variety of genres. The biggest issue with this of course, is zeroing in on the best stuff from each one. One problem is that radio doesn’t really play much variety. Of course, there are exploration sites like Pandora, but you still have to do a lot of research to figure out “who” you may really like, but auditioning tracks on a portable or PC doesn’t tell you anything about the quality of their recordings, or if you can even get them on the best medium of course - “vinyl”.

So this got me to thinking – wouldn’t it be great if those who were really into a particular genre took the time to point out the really outstanding gems?

This is the first goal for our music selection, and the main goal of our music reviews. To provide a selection of outstanding recordings, across all genres. To achieve the main goal of our music reviews we will be striving to provide comprehensive reviews which help you to figure out what within that selection is going to bring you the most satisfaction. So at our store, we will strive to not only provide an outstanding selection of audiophile or fine quality recordings, but to help those who are looking to explore new genres get a taste of what may be the real gems, and point out those which are superior recordings.

So one of the subjects for our blogs will be these music reviews highlighting the “classic must own masterpieces” of different genres, and also pointing out those “lesser known hidden gems” that only those truly intimate with that genre may know about.

Now if you're like me, when you read a music review of an artist or genre you are already familiar with sometimes you know you're going to buy the album just so long as it's not a complete dud on sound quality, so I will be getting to the "audiophile determination" right away so you don't have to sift through all the text just to find out how good it sounds. We rate recordings on a scale of 1 - 10, 1-3 being the tyipical condition you hear on a used record in a Goldmond rated condition of good to very good, 4-5 being a used record Goldmond rating of near mint to mint, and 6 - 10 for varying degrees of really excellent recordings. We will also use a similar scale for music content or production quality. We rate only new records that we've opened for demonstration purposes. But we use used record standards as there are none for new records.

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