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Vinyl Record Review, Country, Johnny Cash, The Legend of,

Published 2014-09-16
Vinyl Record Review: Singer/Song Writer, Genre, Country, Popular, Blues

Country, Classic Country, Popular, Singer-Songwriter. Johnny Cash: The Legend of Johnny Cash Double 180 Gram Vinyl 2 Record Set in an awesomely illustrated gatefold cover. 2014 Universal Music Enterprises

Audiophile Rating: Music Performance 10 / Recording Quality 10

Rich's Record Emporium; Vinyl record review, music,, singer songwriter, new musicI’m not going to tell you a story about “Johnny Cash”. Frankly, if you were to say you never heard of him, than you would be blowing your cover as one of those shape-shifting aliens who just got dropped off by a UFO.

So how does a mere mortal review the work of a God? Johnny Cash represents a whole lot more than a successful Country & Western musician who plays a guitar and sings. He wrote the book on country/crossover-popular music. He’s as much an icon in either genre. He came from humble roots. He rose to popularity then stardom totally of his own accord. He had his own TV show. He was the very first musical recording artist to do a live album in a prison, not “at” a prison. Not just any prison either, but a truly dangerous one, where every single person that new him tried to talk him out of it. Hell, even musicians in rowdy bars will only play behind a fence/screen & barricade! Nope – he wouldn’t have it, he played right out with the prisoners. Just like his song “I’ve been Everywhere” he understood the lifestyles and towns many of them were from, and the road he traveled he knew to be not much different.

Throughout his entire musical journey he appealed to a variety of tastes in a wide group of genre’s. Genre’s you could add to his style of music would be Blues, Folk, and Rockabilly. When he was coming up through he’d play at some of the same concerts with Jerry Lee Lewis or Elvis Presley. The man is just too hard to classify. When I was a kid my Dad was a product of the 50’s and had records from Bill Haley and the Comets, and other rockabilly stars, but he also had lots of records from Johnny Cash. Cash led him into listening to more of the “outlaw country”. John Cash had an original character to everything he wrote or put his brand on.

This double album set is not only of stunningly good musical quality but offers up the “original version” of the songs spanning his career. Johnny Cash has been around so long that his record labels issued multiple versions of his songs over the years, so unless you were able to find the original recordings in mint condition, unfortunately you would never get to hear them this way. So even if you already have a huge collection of original recordings from John Cash, you’ll want to pick this one up. This is the ideal record for hearing his original versions of his Sun record recordings, and his popular hits on through to today. This is a must have for fans of Country, Rock, Pop, Blues and Legendary Americana!

Mark/Uptown Audio


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