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In our music reviews we hope to give you insight into those select few recordings which offer more value than average in one respect or another. Our mission is to really expose not just works which the performance it self is top notch, but those which also have outstanding sound quality.
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Vinyl Record Review, Sophia Pfister,

Published 2016-04-06

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    Top notch Promo production from new artist Sophia Pfister, with production by Tom Weir and featuring pro's like Greg Leisz on Pedal steel, Thomas Harte Upright Bass, Mark Fontana Electric Bass/Guitar, Steve Madaio Trumpet, Luanne Homzy Violen, Phil O'Connor Clarinet, Tom Weir Drums, and Sophia on Banjo/vocals & lyrics

    Excellent sound quality for a Promo album, 180g 5 track EP includes Los Angeles, Snakes, New Mexico, SugarDaddy and Faded Tatoo - "great original songs"

    Sophia Pfister Record Review                                                                                          29 March 2016

    With Rich’s KDHX St. Louis radio affiliation we’re no stranger to demo’s from new artists trying to get themselves heard.  Ironically some of the more notable ones we carry here at our record store lately have been coming from Canada like the “Deadstring Brothers”, now on their 5th album “Cannery Row” and in my mind their best effort to date.  With most artist, you can hear a progression to their music as they mature as a band and gain synergy.

    Ironically, Sophia comes along with a mature seasoned sound right out of the gate, as if she’s been recording for years.  Sounding a smidge similar (vocal quality wise) to Alanis Morissette, but with more of a style, texture and grit to Sheryl Crow (but not as whimsical).  Her voice is hauntingly sultry and sexy, seducing you to listen to every lyric, sigh and breadth (think Diana Krull-Jazz).  Very disappointing when the record ends that I cannot grab her next several and put them right on…!!!

    It’s tough to classify some artists today, there are so many personalities, each one interestingly unique enough to be its own original work, yet we record stores have to try to categorize, for this one, a little Americana with a Spanish twist, a little folk but still electric rock. I was reminded to the above artists while listening to her album, which is a 5 track EP I guess, a promo copy looking for a label.  Let’s hope there’s a label out there looking - for this new artists can take them far. She has the rare ability to give you totally original lyrics, not just the love and loss stuff that keeps the pop charts ticking, but the Bob Dylan caliber stuff that keeps you listening to the end of the story. Like Bob, each track takes you down a different road, yet you can’t quite figure out how either artist feels about it (almost as if they care about what they’re singing, but don’t care what you think about it) – it’s both enticing and mysterious.  Track 1. Los Angeles is the Casino of Dreams and the house always wins her lyrical work is sophisticated, honest, innocent and cheated – you want more from each story…Snakes, New Mexico, Sugar Daddy and Faded Tattoo all intrigue – I want more!!!

    Overall the sound quality for a promo work is very good. The musicianship, record quality, and song selection are an excellent taste of what is hopefully coming (albeit a little dark).  Personally I would have liked to have heard at least one “up-tempo” track, but all the tracks are interesting lyrically, and it was obvious to me that Miss Pfister is an extremely gifted singer/songwriter. Her vocals only “hint at her range”, I believe her range could be quite a bit more extensive than what we hear with this track selection.  Going out on a limb here, but I believe she may be in the vocal range caliber of Rachael Price of Lake Street Dive (former self titles jazz standard diva)…. This is one to pick up and keep, and hope for a perceptive label to get on board. “cheers”


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