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In our music reviews we hope to give you insight into those select few recordings which offer more value than average in one respect or another. Our mission is to really expose not just works which the performance it self is top notch, but those which also have outstanding sound quality.
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Vinyl Record Review, Joe Walsh (Our Feature Record this month) Analog Man

Published 2014-11-20
Joe Walsh, solo "Masterwork" on 180 gram heavy vinyl, Genre Rock, Singer/Songwriter, Guitar Rock Master, available on Vinyl w/free download, and on CD.

Audiophile Rating: Music Quality 10 / Sound Quality 9
(Our feature album this month) Typically priced at $24.99, our price $much better!

Performance Quality 10 / Record Quality 9

Rich's Record Emporium; Joe Walsh Analog Man record music review billbaord rolling stone vintage vinyl collinsville ILSpecial Note: Recording quality on this is as good as any above average rock album.  There are few recordings which can reach 10, as it involves a stricter adherence to standards and methods normally not afforded for rock recordings. Hence, 9 is the best I can give it, but don’t confuse that with it not being as good as any well recorded rock album, it’s “great”. If we gave every great sounding record a 10, we'd have no way to identify the handfull of special records, like "direct to disc" or specially equiped recording sessions, as true state of the arts!

Our Feature Album this month contains a song which should be any Vinyl Store or Fan’s Anthem! Joe Walsh’s “Analog Man”. This album, and title track, are nothing short of phenomenal, and a guitar master’s masterwork!   

I’ve been a Joe Walsh Fan since The James Gang, which I’ve personally felt was his “most original” work. Don’t get me wrong, he’s done equally good stuff both solo and with The Eagles “musically speaking”, but if you are a “guitar rock fan in particular,” it was with The James Gang that he wrote some of the best of his most original work, including both Funk#48 and #49! Work like this, and now on his new album Analog Man “Funk #50” is as original guitar work as there ever was, in as much the same class as Robin Trower’s Day of the Eagle, Ronnie Montrose Space Station #5, or anything ever penned by the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Alvin Lee, Jeff Beck, Joe Satriani, or Steve Vai.  It is original guitar works like these that make searching out works by artists of this grain (guitar rock extraordinaire) worth every minute. I personally own most of Joe’s solo work, (some got away over the years somehow) and everything from his days with the James Gang. For instance, if you don’t own The James Gang Rides Again slap yourself really hard, then add this to your must get list! I’d have one here for you at the store, but it’s out of print (sorry), and good condition used copies are hard to come by. After you listen to it and you’re done kicking yourself for not having this one in your collection for the more than“40 years it’s been available”, then you can thank yourself for not making the same mistake with Analog Man! So calm down and come into our shoppe and pick up Joe’s latest Masterwork, an album of equal merit against any of his solo works, drop the needle in the groove, and enjoy my friend, as I’ve been doing since it came out!

You’ll find as you get to know me as a music reviewer, I don’t like to spoil the surprise. I don’t like to identify specific tracks or talk about those which are getting air play – I figure there’s enough review sources covering all the typical stuff. Besides, as a long term fan, I’ve found many of the tastier treats are those often overlooked by everyone else, so suffice to say, I don’t believe you will be disappointed by anything on this one!

PS: There are many tasty treats on this one, all across side A & B, as well as some interesting surprises in accompaniment. Like his brother-in-law on drums, and other famous musicians on background vocals – Enjoy!

--Mark / Uptown Audio


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