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The record “Emporium” as the name suggests is more than just records. We carry a great selection of equipment and accessories associated to vinyl, as well as personal audio stuff, such as record cleaning machines, new stylus or cartridges, tonearms, turntables, & vinyl “tweeks.” Also, personal listening gear such as ear buds/phones, DAC’s, amps, and a nice seclection of home Hi-Fi stereo equipment and speakers.

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Vinyl Record Review, Jazz, Sonny Rollins

Published 2014-10-17

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    Style/Genre: Jazz, Classic-Contemporary, Traditional

    Sonny Rollins, Way Out West, 1988 QJC-337 (S-7530)
    140 Gram Vinyl, Remastered by Phil De Lancie (Fantasy Studios, Berkeley).
    Audiophile Rating: Music 10 / Sound Quality 10

    Vinyl Record Review: Jazz, Sonny Rollins, Genre; Jazz Contemporary & Classic

    This is one of the albums that inspires us to write a reviews. This is one that makes you feel like it shouldn't be a secret, like you owe it to the world to say hey, if your missing this one, you're loosing out! Even if you aren’t into Jazz, even it your favorite genre of choice is Rock or Blues, even New Age, this is one that you can respect the musicians who jammed together to create such a work of art as this. For classic and contemporary jazz fans it’ likely a staple. For anyone aspiring to play sax (or drums), you could learn either by spinning this one a few times.  The level of clarity of sound, 3 dimensionality of instruments, and life like naturalness is simply stunning.  The first time I played this, my wife who was in another part of the house came in to the music room with a look on her face of sheer puzzlement. She said it sounded as if the musicians themselves were there playing (not a recording).  This is one of those select few that should be in any music fan’s collection, and one that you can play on even a poor stereo rig and yard sale turntable, and the record itself will improve the sound quality of the system…the recording is that good!   Musically, the musicians are at the top of their game, in my opinion, especially on I’m an old cowhand, come-gone, and Wagon Wheels.

    Of course, few other Jazz musicians have ever been known to be more “on top” than Sonny – tenor sax, Ray Brown Bass, and Shelly Manne drums. This is “straight-jazz” – no vocals, just serious playing by the three masters! Remastered by Phil De Lancie (Fantasy Studios Berkeley), this is an Audiophiles dream recording!  

    --The Crew @ Rich's Records


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