About Rich's Record Emporium

About Rich's Record EmporiumRich’s Record Emporium was made possible by a group of Music fans who love vinyl but were disgruntled in their inability to find it locally “new”.  They were tired of having to order it on-line or settle for used, typically poorer fidelity records that were found locally.  They got together and as a group said “we’re not going to take it anymore!”
Now Rich, (was previously enjoying retired life), for which the store is named, has one of the larger music collections, and is both an audiophile & music fan. In pursuit of his musical interest hobby he’s worked in the audio/consumer electronics industry for years, and more recently as a producer at KDHX radio St. Louis where his son Curt is a DJ.  Rich is the go-to guy for Blues and new singer song writers.
Jim (still enjoying retired life) is more of a secret partner (X Navy submariner/should of guessed that one). He and wife Rosanne enjoy their high end electronics to make music & movies sound best. Jim’s latest craze is Chinese Soap Operas.  
Mike (who was on track to retire in 2 years…then he met someone) is an engineer by trade so of course is a huge technophile (the only one of us with an advanced phone), and he’s responsible for bringing in some of the super high tech stuff you’ll see next door at the coming late next summer Higher End Audio store).
Me, Mark, I retired from Scott AFB, and am responsible for the addition of the High-End Audio components to Rich's Record Store. Jim Nelson is heading up this side of the house, and is your go-to guy for all things high end. As for me, I will continue to maintain our Digital Presence and help Rich write blogs on new music and equipment reviews.
And then there’s our second string of helpers who have been instrumental (no pun intended) in bringing this project to fruition. Tim (Quack) & Wayne (Hoppy), who have been testing electronics, from turntables, cartridges, amplifiers, headphones, these guys have been a huge help and we’d like to thank them by highlighting their efforts. We also want to thank all the others who are behind the scene as well, who believed in us, our mission (you know who you are), can’t mention everyone, but Matt, John, Leah & Mark, call it business, luck or fate, choose your philosophy, but without whom this project would not have been possible!

Why Rich's Record Emporium?

At Rich's Record Emporium we don't sell just used records, even though they're typically lower cost (unless a collector's item), which makes them a value. We specialize in new never played vinyl! Because new records are the greatest value in the recorded music industry! With no wear what-so-ever you get to hear everything the artist intended, with lush clarity and all the original detail, so you can experience the full content of the precious music. And when you play it on a quality turntable, you don't just hear it, you actually feel artist's emotion, their passion, and you make that personal connection that only an analog recording can convey.

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