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Vinyl Record Fans we Are the St. Louis Metro East's New Store located in Beautiful "Uptown" Collinsville IL.
Please come visit us and check out our New & Used Records and record and turntable accessories. We also do turntable and cartridge/stylus alignments.

Next door at our new "audio emporium" we carry a fine selection of Headphones, Amps, DA's, Speakers, Turntables, Network Receivers, CD Players and Audio Racks. We are your one stop shop for all your personal and home audio needs

Specializing primarily in new vinyl records with a fine selection of hard to find Jazz. Of course we carry popular music which includes Classic Rock, Country, Blues, Classical, but we plan to support smaller label specialty recordings, not just from audiophile labels (typically small), but from Local Musicians, some of whom are featured on KDHX Radio St. Louis. We also carry a nice assortment of fine quality personal audio gear and stereo equipment ideal for small or near field settings (Dorm, Apartment, or Office) size environments. Our record and equipment selection is designed to please both the sophisticated listener and those new to the musical arts. With a selection of new turntables from a couple hundred dollars to several thousands we have 10 tables under $500.00 from 5 different brands. From Phono cartridges, step up amps, and phono preamplifiers from $29.95, to tone arms, stylus products, and other accessories, even record cleaning machines, we wish to become your one stop shop for everything you need to maintain and enjoy your vinyl record collections.

Vinyl Records is the single medium most respected by musicians the world over. Some insisting their music be produced on vinyl ahead of any other medium. There are some very good reasons for this, not the least of which, it is an "analog" medium not digital! This is a very important concept to get your head around. Though digital is popular and convenient, its many limitations fail to impart the soul of the music. If artists are unable to "connect" with their audience on an emotional level, what's the point? We humans hear in "analog". When music is recorded directly to vinyl, and not converted to a digital signal, there are data elements which maintain their full integrity. The trick is, having a turntable and pick up (cartridge) good enough to retrieve these elements. At Rich's Record Emporium, we have just the right instruments to extract this precious information, keeping it in its original "unconverted" analog state, to be transmitted direct from the artist to your soul. Please, come in, sit down, relax, and enjoy the experience. We're confident you'll be extremely happy that you did. "Cheers"

Nothing Sounds as Natural as a Record Bought from Rich's Record Emporium

Musicians and Industry Experts agree, "nothing sounds as natural as vinyl". Records convey the soul of the music. If you don't listen to vinyl - you are missing the point!

Rich's Record Emporium, a place where souls meet to revel in the passion and glory of music.

Rich's Record Emporium, a place where souls meet to revel in the passion and glory of music. Music is the worlds' most appreciated Art form. From America's own Soul, Blues & Jazz, to the musical Renaissance of the classical world. Music is the language of the Soul.

Rich's Record Emporium; It's also worth more when you want to sell or trade it

Download for convenience, but do yourself a favor and own the genuine article! "It's also worth more when you want to sell or trade it"