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Vinyl Record Review, Foghat Last Train Home, Classic Rock, Blues Rock, colored vinyl, new release


Published 2015-07-13

 vinyl record, Foghat, Last Train Home, colored blue double album

Audiophile Sound Quality Rating 9 / Musical content 10

Vinyl Record Review: Classic Rock, Rock and Blues ”double Gatefold Album Set, Two colored blue/clear vinyl records. Recorded on Foghat's own lable @ The Boogie Motel.

Sitation: "In memory of Lonesome Dave Peverett & Rod Price - Although you don't perform on this album, your Rock n' Roll spirit shines through and inspires us."

The band also honor's "Eddie 'Bluesman' Kirkland whom they lost to a car accident a year after they recorded the last two tracks on this album with him - cir2011.

 Foghat Last Train cover, Foghat Record, blue vinyl

Record Review: Foghat Last Train Home

I grew up listening to music from the 60’s to the present, during that time many bands came and went. I recently had the opportunity to listen to a group called “Foghat”. I must admit that this was a group that I knew very little about. It is my understanding that this group in some form has been playing music for over 40 years. I was not sure what to expect from them and this album. I read the back cover and recognized several of the songs immediately. This seemed like a good start.

As soon as I started playing it, it caught my attention right away with its rock-blues tone. It’s a toe tapper and gets you involved right away. The pace of the entire album stays steady and each song seems to get better as it goes. The musicianship here is first class. It’s filled with guitar riffs and blues licks start to finish. Vocals maintain the pace and other instruments (drums, harmonica, piano) fill in the rest.

Engineering and production is also excellent. Both records are top quality (blue/transparent) and is dead quiet apart from the music. The track order is excellent and just flows. The first 10 songs are all Foghat, followed by two from Eddie Kirkland (another blues troubadour) with Foghat backing him up. Foghat Last Train cover, Foghat Record, blue vinyl

All in all it is a very enjoyable ride!

On a side note: For those with automatic turntables directed by an “electric eye” – semi-transparent, even though colored, vinyl may not be detectable, and your turntable may not play it. Neither my older Yamaha, nor Mark's Denon, which we both often use during more casual listening refused to accept it. Of course, most higher end tables are fully manual and will “play anything”.

--Wayne "Hoppy" Hopkins

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