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Equipment Review, Record Cleaning Machine, Okki Nokki


Published 2016-07-07

Okki Nokki record cleaning machine vacuum

Two thumbs up for our Okki Nokki Record Cleaning Machine.

Comes complete with everything you need in the box. A powerful ultra linier forward/reverse motor, record clamp, 12 inch vacuum hose, vacuum motor & pump, 12 inch platter (with perfect soft mesch platter service/best I've tried), horse hair brush & cleaning fluid.

This machine has become indispensible at our store.

okki nokki record cleaner vacuum reservoir

Two thumbs up for our Okki Nokki Record Cleaning Machine.

Comes complete with everything you need in the box. A powerful ultra linier forward/reverse motor, record clamp, 12 inch vacuum hose, vacuum motor & pump, 12 inch platter (with perfect soft rubber composite platter service/best I've tried), horse hair brush & cleaning fluid.

This machine has become indispensable at my store. We get everything from records which have clearly been well preserved to ones with dust that’s been warn in since original purchase to those that look like they were used as sanding discs. What’s really amazing for me, is that though a thorough cleaning with this modern marvel wont restore the record to scratch less, it will remove the vast majority of “assumed scratches” (assumed when listening) that was really just a bunch of crap in the grooves.

The process is super quick & simple. You clamp the record to the platter, put a dribble of cleaning solution across the record. Turn on the platter motor and hold the cleaning brush gently to the surface (let the brush to the work/just like your tooth brush – don’t press too hard “we’re not trying to remove vinyl/enamel). A couple of turns in each direction is enough to loosen all the old dirt in the grooves. Drop the vacuum tube on the record and the microfiber bristles usher all the dirt right up the hose. Your record is not “dirt free”. It won’t remove smudges, but they are usually not actual “noise/static sounding pieces of grit”.

We became an Okki Nokki dealer about a year ago and though many an anxious customer has tried to go home with our store copy (when our stock was out), we have NOT let that happen. It is one of the most indispensable store fixtures, next to the bathroom (it isn’t actually “next to” the bathroom).

At $499.00 this will make your vinyl investment gleam with the sound of a new record. Oh, and don’t forget to clean those too. Brand new records right out of the package contain micro vinyl fibers from the lathing process.

After cleaning my personal records, I always use “L.A.S.T record preservative. This additional step (for me) guarantee’s 200 plays with “no record wear”. We also carry all The LAST Factory products.

Here’s what Okki Nokki has to say about it;

How Cleaning Your Vinyl Records Will Change the Way You Listen to Them

-- as some audiophiles may tell you -- can be one of the great pleasure of owning records. It's a chance to sit down with your albums and go over them individually, checking them over with your hands and eyes, and potentially remembering albums you'd long ago forgotten.

But why should we go through the process of thoroughly cleaning our records? Isn't it enough to simply blow on them before we pull them out of their sleeves and set them onto our turntables?

The answer, of course, is no. Here are just a few reasons why cleaning your vinyl records isn't just a great way to spend an afternoon -- it's one of the best ways to extend the life of your collection.

It Decreases Wear

As dirt and dust -- and in some extreme cases, mold and mildew -- settle into the grooves of records, they become a force that will press into the fragile grooves of the vinyl itself. Every time the record is played, handled (more so incorrectly than correctly), and pulled in or out of its sleeve, those bits of grime get shoved around on the disc. Over time, this is a serious amount of wear that prevents bigger problems. While the pops and clicks of dust can always be removed by cleaning a record, the static and hiss of scratches cannot. Clean early, and save your records -- and your ears -- some hassle.

It Saves Your Stylus

Most people know how important it is to keep your stylus in good shape. Consider this analogy -- when driving your car, would you prefer for your tires to spend a lifetime driving over well-maintained roads, or broken up rocky asphalt, littered with glass, metal, and all kinds of nasty things that threaten their intact-ness? The answer is easy, and the same logic applies to your stylus. You want to give it as smooth of sailing as possible, and keeping your records clean offers that opportunity.

It Brings Life to Old Wax

Inherited an old collection? Found something seriously groovy at a thrift shop? It may seem not worth it to tackle a project like an old record, but if the only thing standing between you and enjoying a genuinely good press is some collected time, then a cleaning will be your best friend in the process. By taking the time to thoroughly clean older albums, you can earn yourself a lot of great things all at once -- the great savings from going with used records, the satisfaction of the DIY process, and the sweet sound of well-cleaned wax.

It Opens Up the Music

Try an experiment sometime -- plug in some high-quality headphones, and listen to an album, without cleaning it. Just pull it out of its sleeve, sit down, and listen to a few tracks. Now give that same album a solid cleaning, and repeat the exercise. Notice a difference? Even a well-maintained record, one that's been properly handled, kept safe and out of the sun, and been done right by its owner will still not sound as good as a record that had the benefits of being cleaned after the initial purchase, as well as before every play.


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