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Equipment Review, Golden Ear Triton 7. Another great U.S. Product


Published 2015-06-25

Golden Ear Trition 7 review stereo audio speakers (couldn't get a clear pic from our show room / looked blacked out - unclear, so this will have to do)


Golden Ear Triton 7. Design:3 Way Passive Speaker System. Style:Floor Standing Tower Spaker. Optional Finish: Black/Sox style grill only, with gloss black top & bottom cover and plinth.


I listened to the Triton 7’s with a variety of music including Joni Mitchell, Pat Metheny and Boz Scaggs. The Joni Mitchell showed a clarity of her superb voice.  I listened to Joni Mitchell Blue.  Expecially on the title track the speakers showed a great depth of image and her voice was spectacular. 

When I listened to The Pat Metheny Group his guitar was exactly where it was supposed to be.  I have seen Metheny at least 9 times in concert and he usually stands to the right of the stage next to the drummer.  It put the guitar in the right place.

When Pat handed over to Lyle Mays, his piano and keyboards were to the left of the stage and showed a clarity of sound I have never heard except my Snell’s reference system.  The images were great and the horns in the rear of the stage were right where they were supposed be. 

Boz Scaggs impressed me the most.  His throaty voice was superb and the bass response was very impressive.  I listened to The Memphis album that he put out in 2013 and I especially like the way he does a “Rainy Night In Georgia.  The bass response was outstanding and his guitar work was great. 

Overall I would say that at $1400.00 a pair this speaker is definitely worth the price.  I would place it in the Golden Ear line as a great value

Oh, by the way, we have all the albums I listened to in stock.

Rich Faigle


Equipment used for this review:


Marantz PM6005 Integrated Amplifier

Rogue Sphinx Integrated Amplifier

Thorens TD-170 w/Audio Technica AT95E

SOTA Moonbeam w/Ortofon 2m blue

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