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The record “Emporium” as the name suggests is more than just records. We carry a great selection of equipment and accessories associated to vinyl, such as Turntables, Cartridges, Record Cleaners, etc., and we have a fine selection of Personal Audio like Head/Ear phones, and home Hi-Fi gear. [Read More]

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Equipment Review, Music Hall mmf2.2le Turntable another great U.S. Product


Published 2015-02-25

turntable review record Music Hall mmf2.2 St. Louis Collinsville IL
Equipment Review – Our kick butt Music Hall mmf2.1 Turntable – more table than the price suggestsJ

Okay, so I’ve been listening to this table on and off now for about three months, and I must say, this is an exceptional value! Both Build and Sound quality by far exceeding its rather low price. In fact, I’ve done most of my record reviews on either this one or our coveted SOTA Moonbeam table. As for my qualifications to access the value of any turntable, I have been listening to well optimized turntables in Hi-Fidelity systems since the mid 70’s. I’ve personally owned some of the finest to come out of Japan, a Technics MK1200 & 1600, an Optima (model escapes me), two Denons including my DP47F, and have industry experience (meaning I’ve represented them as a dealer) for Pioneer, Sony, Dual, Roksan, McIntosh, and Clear Audio tables up to as much as $10,000.00 I also have previous experience with the brands we currently represent which include, Denon, Marantz, Music Hall, Pro-ject, SOTA and Thorens.

One of the things I’ve always enjoyed doing is actually testing audio products against each other. At my longest running dealership (so far), my original store “Audio by US” in downtown Belleville, as I do now, I used a reference system.  This is a high integrity audio system in which I am intimately familiar with the sonic character of virtually every component, from the sonic signature of its place within the room - right down to the interconnects, and power conditioner. In reality, it is only when you have such a system to utilize as a tool, that you can honestly “A-B compare” components which you place into such a system. Right now, this system resides at my home in New York, while my Hi-Fi store resides in southern Illinois.  It has to be this way while I transition back into the consumer end of the high end electronics industry. Regardless, the crew at our shop in southern Illinois also have a reference system, albeit not as high end as mine, but high integrity none-the-less, in which they too can further test and qualify the choices we make in our offerings. And as the reference system at the store is of more “real world caliber and pricing” it genuinely gives customer an accurate idea as to how any given components will perform in “their” system. The long and short of it is, whether in my ultimate reference system here in NY, or in our more moderately priced one in southern Illinois, the Music Hall mmf2.2 has distinguished itself with honor. The mmf2.2 is factory equipped with a special Ortofon cartridge designed, specked, and made exclusively for Roy Hall. The cartridge itself would retail for $150.00 – yet comes “with” this turntable at $450.00 – Frankly, I don’t know how he does it?

On a side note: Music Hall is a moderately older U.S. company out of Great Neck NY., Piloted by one each “Roy Hall”. A well respected within the industry designer and builder of super high value a.k.a “affordable” audio gear.  His “Marimba compact speakers, also audition-able at our store (review coming later) for example greatly exceed their price vs. performance, and have been claimed to offer true studio monitor level performance in a bookshelf design. Industry types have favorably compared them to monitor’s between $500.00 - $1000.00.  Roy (We) sell them for $349.00 a pair.Stereo Audio Speaker Review Marimba Music Hall St. Louis Collinsville IL

The MMF2.2 which runs our record store system, and is audition-able on either of our house Boston Acoustic speakers, Rich or Jim will be happy to hook up in our sister store next store for you to audition within any of the higher end components. In such a system it sound like a much higher-end table…perhaps it is, and like all of Roy’s offerings is just grossly “underpriced”. “cheers”

Build Quality 10, Sound Quality 10.

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