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The record “Emporium” as the name suggests is more than just records. We carry a great selection of equipment and accessories associated to vinyl, such as Turntables, Cartridges, Record Cleaners, etc., and we have a fine selection of Personal Audio like Head/Ear phones, and home Hi-Fi gear. [Read More]

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Equipment Review, Marantz M-CR610 Network Stereo Receiver


Published 2014-11-21

Marantz Remote App personal audio control system hand held collinsville ILMarantz Network CD Receiver home theater magazine recommended blue tooth personal audio

The Audiophile's Network Receiver

This CD Receiver was extremely well thought out and designed as one would expect, from a world class Hi-Fi manufacturer such as Marantz! For one thing "knowing" as fellow audiophiles often do, that this would most likely be coupled with "high-end speakers” often "bi-amp-able", Marantz incorporated four (4) discrete 30 watt per channel, low drive impedance, mono amplifiers.  This way you can drive either two sets of average stereo speakers (and select between them on the remote control), or one pair of 'bi-amp-able" audiophile speakers, and choose to have all four amps in simultaneous operation in a bi-wired configuration. 

Further, this is the ultimate source component, with likely anything you would want to use as a source, with the exception of a “turntable” (this isn’t a Wal-mart brand), built in!

So you can “on-board” access, AM/FM/Internet Radio, Pandora, I-Tunes, Mac Air Play, Network Streaming, CD, CD-R/RW, plug in your portable via one of two USB direct connects, use the included remote (or download the Marantz app) to control with your Windows 8, RT, PC, I-Phone, Android, and is DLNA 1.5 Compatible.

Hear it anytime (we have it running our house system, which is a pair of Boston Acoustic Towers and a pair of Bookshelf Speakers), and we have it hooked up with one of our favorite affordable turntables, the Music Hall USB-1 – For your listening pleasure! 


MSRP $699.00


Also available with ability to drive just one pair of speakers instead of two, and without the built in CD player,

as the Marantz M-CR510 for $499.00

both include a 3 year manufacturer's parts and labor warranty.


 PS: Ask about our Manager's special which couples this with a turntable and speakers, at special pricing!

--Mark/Uptown Audio - right next door to "Rich's Record Emporium"

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