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Equipment Review, Golden Ear Triton II Speaker System


Published 2014-11-12

Triton II Tower Speakers stereophile 2015 recommended class B absolute sound Collinsville IL St. LouisFlash Review (short and sweet) equipment review;




Some of my favorite things;

Finally a Speaker that does it all, The Golden Ear Triton II Four Way Speaker System:

To put things in perspective, I have not only been an audiophile for too many years to want to admit, but I’ve had the privilege of being in the industry since the late 80′s, so suffice it to say, I’ve heard a lot of great speakers, and great wanna-bee’s. To further clarify, like any industry, your very best products are almost always the very most expensive, and in the home audio biz, the very best speakers can range well into the 10′s of thousands of dollars.  You see, the problems are many, and solutions are few.  Essentially, to recreate an audio image of a life like musical performance is quite complicated.  Ironically, you can get “sound” from a single vibrating driver moving air, however, in most cases, it’s physically impossible for that to sound like the real thing. The human ear is actually very difficult to fool.  I’ve found it amazing how even through a “phone” most people can tell if the sound in the back ground is “live” or reproduced. But that’s a whole other story.  There’s lots of loud speakers out there for sale, but few that really get down to it in a believable fashion, and that also manage to recreate the “entire frequency response”. The Golden Ear Triton II is the real deal.  Articulately creating a literal WALL OF SOUND, from 18HZ to 35KHZ.  BTW, that frequency response will get any and every nuance of ambient information that went into the original session!  And with it’s own amplification for the hard to drive sub-woofers, and an efficiency of 91db it doesn’t take massively expensive amplifiers to drive them.  You can do it with a modest Home Theater receiver.  True Audio Luxury Speakers, for, "get this – $3000.00" a pair!!!  Unheard of price vs technology in the Audiophile World!  Bring in your favorite music and hear it as it was meant to be heard, in our comfortable listening room, next to Rich's Record Emporium! For a more technical description see this complete review: http://www.goldenear.com/images/reviews/triton%20two_south%20africa%20av%20sept_2014.pdf


Mark/Uptown Audio

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